Join the Team: Stories from Past Volunteers

We’ve curated 10 amazing testimonials from volunteers to excite you to join our festival team. From working as a ringmaster who chats with celebrities and directors about their films to learning the tricks of the trade at the culinary demos, this festival is so thankful for the passionate local residents and dedicated travelers who help make NVFF successful year after year. With Whole Foods Market as the main sponsor for our volunteers, there are many perks to the job and unforgettable memories to be made.

“You contribute with your energy to something bigger, where you meet very interesting people and get a perspective of others. It is a way to share feelings and experiences with people from different parts of the country and different parts of the world.” — Tanausu de la fe Arocha

“There’s no better way for a film lover like me to get to know my neighbors and fellow film devotees.  By joining the team that puts on one of the best film festivals in the country, I not only help to ensure it keeps getting better and better each year, I get to see great films and meet the talented people who bring them to life. Hello!? Why wouldn’t I volunteer!” — T Santora

“Volunteering with NVFF offers flexibility whether you want to work the Full-Fest (40 hours plus), Half-Fest (30 hours plus), or even Shift Choice (12 hours plus). You determine your level of involvement! Volunteering goes beyond just film. With afternoons reserved for wine tastings and live music, NVFF is a full cultural experience and a true celebration of some of the best parts of life food and film!” — Taylor Gurley

“I like to volunteer because you get attend some very good films before they are released. Its very exciting to see the actresses and actors in person at the Q & A after the movie. It’s especially important to me because my Grandfather was one of the first theater owners in California.” — Sally Enea Craig (Servidio)

“Last July 1st was an important day for me. I retired from a 26 year career in education. I knew I would miss the camaraderie of my colleagues and the quirkiness of 8th graders. Both kept me “young at heart”. Every day brought unique situations about which I had to make on-the-spot decisions. I felt that once retired, I wanted to pursue opportunities in the community that provided those benefits I would miss by not being in the classroom: a new community of “colleagues,” the chance to help others, and to infuse some humor along the way. The Film Festival is my first foray into the volunteering network. I am excited about being a part of this very popular cultural event. — Peggy Eriksen

“Do you want to support our cultural side of Napa? Do you want to feel connected to the arts? Do you love sharing your home and hospitality Napa style? If you say yes to all three, that’s why you, like I, will love volunteering to be a NVFF host!” — Dr. Nancy Kaplan

“Talented filmmakers need a place to showcase their work and I want to do my part to facilitate that. I have a particular interest in helping young people experience the arts first hand and the festival provides opportunities to help them engage. It is exciting to be a part of something beyond yourself, outside your normal daly life, and to the benefit of others. This gives me a chance to build memories working with my daughter, who has previously volunteered and said she could see me having a really fun time working at the events.” — Ted Kute

“I am an amateur filmmaker with dreams of being apart of this festival. Seeing top of the line artists who have mastered my passion would help me learn and observe more about the film industry culture! And, we get a cool, free shirt.” — Loreia Michel

“We enjoy greeting the guests with a smile and then helping the attendees at the Uptown Theater get answers to their questions regarding the movies being shown, where to eat in town and about the other special events tied to the film festival. Its also nice to know that by volunteering one is helping to give back to the community knowing that festival funds are used to promote the arts in the valley! Each year gets better than the previous year!” — Carol and David Ash

“The best reason for volunteering is because of all the perks!!! Obviously!  NVFF treats their volunteers to all the best!!! Passes and Parties! Pre-parties! Post-parties! Plus you get to meet so many other volunteers and mingle with so many visitors from all around the world! And then there are the films! What a great experience to have in our backyard! No expensive travel or hotels involved. You get to volunteer, participate, party and sleep in your own bed! Perks! It’s all about the perks!” — Michelle Hock

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